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How to Save Money on Gas With Water or Vegetable Oil


Gas is on the rise and it's expected to continue to climb. We now need to find ways to stay ahead of the game and save money on gas. Here's two ways to get around the high costs of fuel and literally drive for cheap:

1. Vegetable Oil. Note: This process will only work with a diesel vehicle (see #2 for gasoline vehicles).

What this consists of is converting your diesel car or truck to run off of free vegetable oil. The conversion can be relatively straight forward and you can buy an already put together kit that you and your buddies can install over a weekend. The other option, which is cheaper, is just getting the same parts as in the kit separately. This can save a bunch of money and the parts are generally just as good.

The free vegetable oil will come from grease bins in the back of fast food or Chinese restaurants. You have to filter out the grease a few times to get it clean, but since it is free this process is definitely worth it. Plus you can now buy filtering pumps that will do all the work for you.

2. Run your Car with Water, saving a ton of money on gas.

Here is a new process that works for gas cars and trucks, (and actually diesels too if you don't want to do the vegetable oil conversion). You are not running solely on water, rather it consists of running your vehicle by supplementing water with gasoline. This can literally double your gas mileage and obviously save thousands of dollars a year.

This requires a conversion as well, but it is a do it yourself process, and it's easily reversible so it will not interfere with your car warranty's, nor will it harm your vehicle. Essentially you are using electricity from you car battery to separate water into a gas that burns smoothly and efficiently.

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