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New changes to the Road Traffic Regulations from DMV


DMV driver permit tests supports carpool groupAs reported, the Government made its decision on reconsidering and introducing of the important amendments to the current Road Traffic Regulations. Therefore, it is expected that the car drivers are going to face a large number of innovations, and most of them are hardly pleasant.

Thus, following items will be the general amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations:
- photo- or video-recording of the traffic violation (though, a few years ago such practice has already been applied, it was finished for its shortcomings in work) ;
- regulation of the children carriage rules (stiffening of the requirements for equipping the vehicle with the special children’s safety items);
- another increasing of the speeding fines (speed limits).

It is considered that previously mentioned introductions serve to minimize the amount of the road traffic accidents. In fact, the new Road Traffic Regulations with changes are to be granted the status of the Law. They will get the part in a single legislative act which must unite all road traffic bills.

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