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Practice Permit Test - Your Key to Passing the DMV Learner's Permit Test on the First Try

Sample DMV driver permit test questions online. The written test for a DMV Learner’s Permit is basically the same as the test drivers take for an original or renewal driver license. If you are going to be driving on the same roads as experienced drivers you need to know the same rules and regulations they follow when driving. You can learn them by studying the DMV Driver Handbook published by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. They may also publish a Teen Driver Guide, or a Parent-Teen Teaching Guide. Some DMV’s publish free practice tests online. But the best and easiest way to pass your test is to take a course from a licensed, qualified driver education school. Make sure the school is licensed by the state and that the course is taught by qualified instructors. Your state may require instructors to have special training in order to teach. And remember, a good driver doesn’t necessarily make a good teacher. A good teacher is taught how to be a good teacher.

You must be aware that driving rules and regulations are not the same in all states. If you live in an area where the speed limit in a school zone is 25mph and you are caught driving that speed in a state where it is 15mph, then you are in trouble. Highway speeds are not the same in every state; nor are following distances. In one state the 2-second rule when following another vehicle may be recommended, while in another state a 3-second following distance may be required.

When you plan to drive in another state you should read that state’s DMV Driver Handbook to make sure you drive within their laws.

There are, however, basic rules and regulations that apply in every state: right-of-way laws, turn signal laws, use of headlights: where and when to use them, when to use high beams, when to use low beams; driving in the rain, snow or fog. Passing other vehicles, laws pertaining to solid and broken lines, school bus laws. And of course the same rules of courtesy apply everywhere.

Look at the list on the left side of this page to find your state’s driver license requirements. After you take your test please let me know if you passed and if you found my website to be helpful. Please also scan to me a copy of your test so that I may let others know what to expect when taking their test.


DMV permit exam format

DMV permit exam format20 multiple choice questions will be asked in the DMV learners' permit exam. You have to answer at least 16 questions correctly to pass the test.

Topics that you have to know (used at DMV written exam): passing, traffic control, intersections and turns, parallel parking, alcohol and other drugs, road signs, sharing the road, special driving conditions.

If you have studied the driver's knowledge handbook then you should pass. Each state has different rules and number of questions may vary. Every time they give different questions, so you can't cheat. Usually questions are about road signs, stopping distances, alcohol limits, and different road situations.


Tips for Better DMV Test Results

Driving license is the first and important requirement for driving a vehicle on road. It is an authorized document issued by the concerned government or state, permitting one to drive by following the rules and regulations. Almost all the countries have their own norms and terms for issuing license. It is the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles, which is in charge of all the related procedures. Most of the time, the document is issued only after carrying out some tests. The entire procedure not only ensures safety driving from the part of drivers, but it also bounds them to law and order.

In many countries, only after the candidate undertakes a written and practical driving test, license is issued. The written test comprises questions on traffic laws, road signals, safety rules, types of vehicles etc. The first step everyone adopts is joining a driving school where they can practice vehicle of their choice. Along with concentrating on driving skills, it is essential to have a good knowledge about the particular vehicle.

Before starting the preparation for DMV practice test one should consult expert drivers and collect maximum tips and tactics. As a first step of preparation after joining the motor school and practicing, it is better to go through study manuals which can be obtained online or from local DMV office. Equal emphasis should be given to major and minor facts. Ignoring minute details can prove fatal, as this may contain relevant and basic facts about the vehicle and its driving.

Remembering necessary facts and figures is another problem faced by most of the candidates. The applicants can opt for some abbreviations or easy tricks in memorizing the numeric. Correct and precise figures related to speed limit, distance between vehicles etc. can surely impress the examiner. Registering into an in-class driver education class may also prove beneficiary. Practicing sample tests is another key to success. Attending as many questions can help in understanding the nature of the questions and the answers expected.

There are plenty of online materials and sample question papers available for candidates of DMV practice tests. Attending such trials with maximum number of multiple choice questions can help in improving memory and thus delivering good results. The questions that are chosen for a special three-way study tool are the most difficult and tricky questions, so focus should be given to that area too. Working out questions from office manual of the DMV can help in cracking the tests very easily.


Five Busted Myths On DMV Exams Preparation

A. If you got the driving skills, no sweat you will pass the DMV test

It actually doesn't follow. Although you will have good chances in passing the actual driving test, but you will have to go through the permit test which is a paper-and-pencil test that requires memorization and theories about driving. Therefore, to pass the test one must have enough knowledge about the traffic rules in your state. After that, the next test will be a no-brainer for you.

B. Study the manual from cover to cover and you will pass the permit test

Probably yes but it will be dangerous if your time will be consumed in studying the 160-page DMV manual. Note that you have your regular routine to go about and studying the manual might ruin your daily schedule. To cut the slack off, it is best to search for a site that provide DMV practice test. These practice tests focus on the most relevant information that could actually come out in the permit test. To opt to this means will give you a head start on the DMV test.

C. If you fail on your first take, you will sure pass the next time

It would be a grave mistake to believe in such false beliefs. Remember that although you had a look at the test questions doesn't follow that you already got the correct answers. Note that there are a lot of choices, and getting it wrong doesn't give you the right answer. You should have to get back to the manual and reassess what went wrong. Also, the sample questions available in the manual could give you idea on what you will be dealing with in the actual test.

D. Practice tests are a waste of time and money

There are actually sites online that offers nothing but an answer sheet inked with nonsense & false information, obsolete data, etc. However, there are some that offers good practice tests that could help you get through the DMV permit test. That is why you should be careful about on which site you should sign up to. Note that reliable sites offer free sample tests. So, if you are not comfortable with their sample questions, then try other sites. You should also look into their website if their provide useful information about the DMV exams.

E. If you are a licensed driver, passing the DMV test on other states tends to be easy

Like the answer to the first myth, it's not all the time. Note that not all states have the same traffic rules, and that you might not recognize some other signs and symbols regardless of how skillful a driver you are. Apart from that, their standards could differ from one another scraping your possibility of passing the test.


How to pass learner's permit test?

If you are etching to hit the open road but lack the learner's permit, we'll show you the road, so you can learn the privileges of driving.

You will need:
- DMV or Secretary of State office;
- Driver education class;
- Parent or guardian;
- Practice tests;
- Identification;
- computer with Internet access.

Step 1. Visit you local DMV state office and get your driver's manual to find out what you will be tested on. Manuals and practice tests are usually available at the DMV or Secretary of State website.

Step 2. Attend the driver's education class either at school or through the license company. Go online to find the driving center nearest to you.

Step 3. Have a parent or guardian drive you around and demonstrate some of the sceneries demonstrated in the manual.

Step 4. Study with your friend or have a family member quiz you using the manual and take several practice tests before returning to the DMV office.

Step 5. Remember to bring identification such as a birth certificate or passport to your exam.

Step 6. Stay calm and read each question carefully. If you don't pass you can retake the exam until you succeed and get that learner's permit.

Did you know, that the first Model T took 10 seconds to assemble and cost 850$ in 1908.


My tips.

Passed my permit test!I just passed my test this morning. If you are prepared, you'll be perfectly fine. I can help you guys pass easily with my tips and my experience. Let's start. First of all, i've been reading my driver's manual. Definately do that. I found some questions offline and online. You can pay 5-10 dollars or even find it for free. You don't have to memorize everything. Important things are: speeding fines, violation fines, cort, restrictions, that was on my test today; distances, speed limits, signs, lines (yellow one). Underline notes, read it.

Use googling and stuff. Watch some videos. Don't believe that it's so easy. Take all your papers to the DMV, SSN, ID, 36 dollars. I had 25 minutes for 25 questions. It took me just 7 minutes. I was alone at the testing room. I had only 5 wrong. And.. Conratulations. I done it.


Example of driver's written test

Sample learner's permit test

36 questions, 6 errors or less
18 questions, 3 errors or less

1) Check the answer you think is correct.
2) Look at the answers on the Answer Page at the end of the test.
3) Write the correct answer on the Answer Line below the question.

1. It is illegal to leave a child six years of age or under in a car unless the child:
- Is attended by a person 12 years of age or older - Is asleep
- Can unlock the doors

2. Which child below must ride in an approved safety restraint system in the rear seat?
- A six year old who weighs at least 75 pounds
- A six year old who weighs 60 pounds
- A five-year old child who weighs 55 pounds
Answer: . ___________________________

3. You see an emergency vehicle on the freeway with emergency lights flashing, you must:
- Increase your speed and pass the vehicle
- Lower your speed or move to another lane
- Maintain your speed and drive carefully
This question refers to the Move Over Law passed in 2014

4. It is illegal for anyone to smoke in a car:
- Unless the windows are open
- Unless they are sitting in the back seat
- When there is a minor in the car (Effective 1/1/08)

5. The speed limit in a school zone is:
- 10 miles an hour
- 15 miles an hour
- 25 miles an hour, unless otherwise posted

6. Drivers over 21 who drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 %:
- Are driving legally
- Are driving illegally
- May drive on country roads

7. Drivers under 18 years of age: (Effective 7/1/08)
- May talk on a cell phone while driving
- May not talk on a cell phone while driving
- May talk on a cell phone with a hand-held device

8. To use a cell phone while driving you should:
- Pull off the road and stop before using it
- Drive below the speed limit when using it
- Drive with one hand at the top of the steering wheel

9. An adult driver may not talk on a cell phone while driving unless: (Effective 7/1/08)
- The phone is held in the right hand
- Another driver is in the car to grab the wheel
- The phone is equipped with a hands-free device


10. When you are involved in an accident in which someone was killed or injured and/or the damage was $________or more you must report it to DMV.
- $750
- $500
- $350

11. Drivers involved in accidents must exchange driver license information and:
- Proof of insurance
- Proof of insurance and vehicle registration
- Proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and current address

If you are involved in an accident you must exchange with the other driver: your license number, name, date of birth, address, vehicle registration. You should not discuss with the other driver what happened or what you think happened. You may not know exactly what happened or who was at fault. Whatever you say may come back to haunt you in a court of law.

12. If you sell or transfer your vehicle to anotner person you must report it to DMV:
- Within 5 days
- Within 10 days
- Within 30 days

13. At what age is a person considered a minor?
- 21 years of age or older
- Under 18 years of age
- 65 years of age or older

14. If you let an unlicensed or suspended person drive your car:
- It may be impounded (taken away) for 30 days
- Your insurance will cover the driver
- DMV will cancel your liability insurance

15. A passenger vehicle may not tow:
- More than one vehicle
- A house car (RV)
- Another passenger vehicle

16. Are you allowed to drive alone without an Instruction Permit?
- You must have a Permit to drive on any public road
- Yes, If you are 16 years of age
- Yes, but only when you are on country roads

17. If you violate a restriction on your license:
- DMV may suspend or revoke your license
- DMV will make you take a driving test the same day
- DMV will cancel your insurance
Revoke: Cancel, Take away permanently

18. You are crossing a divided highway. There is a second stop sign on the divider strip. You should:
- Stop at the first stop sign only
- Stop at the second sign only if cars are coming
- Stop again at the second stop sign.

19. Always STOP your vehicle at these traffic signals: - Solid red lights, flashing red lights and green lights
- Solid red lights, flashing red lights and green arrows
- Solid red lights, blacked out traffic signals, flashing red lights

Question # 19 is often missed. Think about the color of each signal before marking your answer. Ask yourself:
Must I always stop at Solid red Lights? YES
Must I always stop at blacked out signals? YES
Must I always stop at flashing red Lights? YES
Must I always stop at green arrows? NO
Must I always stop at Green Lights? NO

- Solid red lightsSTOP
- Flashing red lights STOP
- Blacked out signals STOP, then proceed (go ahead) with caution
- Stop signs mean STOP no matter where they are

20. What is the difference between rea arrows ana solid red lights?
- You cannot turn against a red arrow, even if you stop first
- Red arrows only stop traffic which is turning left
- Red are arrows used for protected left turns

21. When you see a solid yellow light, you must:
- Stop, if you can do so safely
- Hurry though the intersection
- Stop near the right side of the street

22.At an intersection where no signal lights are working how should you proceed?
- The same as if the intersection were controlled by stop signs
- You must yield to all other vehicles
- Drive through the intersection without stopping

1) When two vehicles arrive at an intersection at the same time the driver on the right goes first.
2) The second vehicle to stop then goes.
3) The last vehicle that stopped goes last.

23. It is illegal to enter an intersection when:
- The light is yellow
- The light is green
- You can't get all the way across before the light turns red

24. A signal light is flashing red. After stopping you may:
- Proceed when it is safe to do so
- Go ahead without checking traffic
- Make a left turn without stopping


25. A sign like this at an intersection means:
- No Right Turn
- No Left Turn
Answer: __________________________________

A circle with a slash (\) in It means "NO"
The picture in the circle shows what you must not do.

26. This sign warns that there is a:
- Pedestrian Crossing ahead
- School crossing ahead
- Construction flagman ahead

27. This 3-sided red and white sign means you must:
- Give right of way to other drivers
- Stop before you cross the intersection
- Not enter this street

28.Where would you see this sign?
- Near a school
- In front of a church
- At a pedestrian crosswalk

29.This sign tells you:
- There is a rest area ahead
- There is a hospital ahead
- All traffic must turn right

30.You will see this sign before you come to a railroad crossing. When you see it you must:
- Slow down and look for trains
- Look for cars crossing the intersection
- Stop at the railroad tracks

31. This driver is signaling for:
- A right turn
- A left turn
- A stop

32. This sign means you must:
- Stop, carefully check traffic in all directions, then go ahead
- Slow down, then go ahead.
- Stop, then drive slowly through the intersection

33. Which sign below tells you there is a crossroad ahead? (Another road crosses yours)

Answer: Sign#_______________

34.You are driving on a high like this. What does it mean?
- The highway ahead is divided
- The highway ahead is no longer divided
- You may turn left or go straight

35.What does this sign mean?
- The lane is ending
- Another lane is merging with yours
- Passing lane ahead

36. This sign means:
- There is a Roundabout ahead
- You must turn left
- You may not make a U-TURN


1. Is attended by a person 12 years of age or under
2. A five year old child who weighs 55 pounds
3. Lower your speed or move to another lane
4. When there is a minor in the car (Effective 1/1/08)
5. 25 mph, unless otherwise posted
6. Are driving illegally
7. May not talk on a cell phone while driving
8. Pull off the road and stop before using it
9. The phone is equipped with a hand-free device
10. $750
11. Proof of insurance, vehicle registration, address
12. 5 days
13. Under 18 years of age
14. It may be impounded (taken away) for 30 days
15. More than one vehicle
16. You must have a permit to drive on any public road
17. DMV may suspend your license
18. Stop again at the second stop sign
19. Solid red lights, blacked out signals, flashing red lights
20. You cannot turn against a red arrow, even if you stop first
21. Stop, if you can do so safely
22. The same as if the intersection were controlled by stop signs
23. You can't get all the way across before the light turns red
24. Proceed when it is safe to do so
25. No right turn
26. Pedestrian crossing ahead
27. Give right of way to other drivers
28. Near a school
29. There is a rest area ahead
30. Slow down and look for trains
31. A left turn
32. Stop, carefully check traffic, and then go ahead
33. Sign # 1
34. The highway ahead is divided
35. The lane is ending
36. You may not make a U-Turn


Video: California permit test 2015

Provisional Test. 6 wrong (8 or less to pass). So after watching many videos like this I took the test myself and passed. Be very careful with the test and take as much time as you want. Read the questions and answers carefully. Oh yes, make an appointment so you don't have to wait in line and have money ready. You have to pay 31 dollars. Lastly don't be scared. I was so scared but I got there and kept calm and carried on.

New changes to the Road Traffic Regulations from DMV

DMV driver permit tests supports carpool groupAs reported, the Government made its decision on reconsidering and introducing of the important amendments to the current Road Traffic Regulations. Therefore, it is expected that the car drivers are going to face a large number of innovations, and most of them are hardly pleasant.

Thus, following items will be the general amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations:
- photo- or video-recording of the traffic violation (though, a few years ago such practice has already been applied, it was finished for its shortcomings in work) ;
- regulation of the children carriage rules (stiffening of the requirements for equipping the vehicle with the special children’s safety items);
- another increasing of the speeding fines (speed limits).

It is considered that previously mentioned introductions serve to minimize the amount of the road traffic accidents. In fact, the new Road Traffic Regulations with changes are to be granted the status of the Law. They will get the part in a single legislative act which must unite all road traffic bills.


Practice permit test easy in 2015

Most states begin to allow you to take permit test online. Just do a quick google search for local dmv. You should be able to take the drug and alcohol, and the road sign tests. You can make an appointment to the DMV whenever you would like. However, in order for you to pickup your permit, you will need to have your online tests completed first.

Driving rules in most states stay without changes. DMV online permit test in Florida are canceled. Now you can just practice online sample tests. To pass learner's permit test visit local DMV office.

Test for permit practice driving can be passed without any driving education. Just pay about 20$ and try. Pre driver's test for licence can be passed up to 3 times at once, but we recommend to pass it one time and in case of fail to go to learn driving theory.

Pass Permit Test Easy

I would advise you to read the DMV handbook once, paying attention to some numeric information (the one the common sense won't obviously help you with) and then try doing a permit practice test online to see how well you have remembered what you read.
You can find the tests at the left sidebar, just select your state and click one of the links with test type you need.)
While you are doing the practice test, notice areas that you are weak at and study those sections again, until you are comfortable with them.
Please remember that a lot of people fail their first permit test attempt because they listen to those who are saying the test is a joke, which I strongly disagree with. And, again, you will use the knowledge on the road - lives depend on that!
Hope this helps! Good Luck!