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Tennessee Drivers License Practice Test_Signs

1. This sign means:
  no left turn can be made here
  a left turn can be made only after stopping
  all traffic must turn right at next intersection
2. When seeing a sign over your lane with an arrow and the word \"only\" below it you should:
  go the direction of the arrow
  always make a lane change
  look for a destination sign to follow
3. This sign means:
  slow down, curving road ahead
  slow down and do not use your brakes
  slow down, slippery when wet
4. This sign means:
  you should stop for other traffic
  traffic is entering from another road and you should drive cautiously while allowing additional space for the other drivers to merge safely into the traffic flow
  traffic is entering from another road and you should keep right
5. You are coming to an intersection with a flashing red light. You should:
  slow down and yield the right-of-way
  slow down and drive carefully
  come to a complete stop, check the traffic and go on when it is safe
6. What message will be found on a red octagon shaped sign?
  do not enter
  one way
7. This sign indicates:
  the distance from road surface to a bridge or overpass
  the maximum legal height allowed in this state
  the maximum width of a vehicle allowed on the highway
8. This sign means:
  you can travel in either direction in this lane
  there is two way traffic
  you are approaching a divided highway
9. This sign means:
  no right turn
  right turn on red light permitted with caution
  all traffic must turn right at next intersection
10. This sign means:
  stop sign ahead
  railroad crossing ahead
  construction ahead
11. The yellow warning sign shown at left means:
  you are approaching a school or school crosswalk
  slow down, drive with caution and watch for children
  all of the above
12. This sign means:
  yield sign ahead
  side road entering from left
  stop sign ahead
13. Signs with orange backgrounds mean:
  general warning
  construction and maintenance warning
14. Special laws, regulations or important information is provided on signs in the shape of:
15. What message will be found on this yellow pennant shaped sign?
  right turns only
  right turns permitted
  no passing zone