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California Drivers License Practice Test 2 Class M

1. Wearing a helmet will
  Increase your chances of a neck injury
  Reduce your chances of neck and head injuries
  Neither reduce nor increase your chances of a head injury
2. Of the following, which one gives the most eye and face protection while riding?
  A windshield
  A face shield
3. Which one of the following statements is correct?
  Press left, lean right, and go right.
  Press left, lean left, go right.
  Press left, lean left, go left.
4. When swerving, it is important to:
  Always brake before swerving
  Swerve in the direction of the hazard
  Separate braking from swerving
5. In slow, tight turns
  Lean the motorcycle only and keep your body straight
  Lean your body more than the motorcycle
  Do not lean
6. Your motorcycle has two brakes. Use both brakes:
  Only for normal stops
  Only for emergency stops
  Every time your slow or stop
7. In a normal turn, lean your
  Body more than your motorcycle
  Motorcycle more than your body
  Motorcycle and your body at the same angle
8. To ride over an object on the road
  Stay seated until you have crossed the object
  Rise slightly off the seat
  Edge across the object
9. To see better when following a vehicle at night
  Increase your following distance and use your low beam
  Drop far back and use your high beam
  Use the headlights of the vehicle ahead
10. Highway pegs:
  Are a good idea, especially on long trips.
  Are standard equipment on all motorcycles.
  Can increase the time it takes to reach the foot brake in an emergency.