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California Drivers License Practice Test 5 Class M

1. Before changing lanes to the left
  Check your left mirror and look to the left
  Check the right mirror and turn your head to the left
  Use your horn and speed up
2. Not turning off a turn signal
  Encourages other drivers to pull into your path
  Keeps other drivers from seeing your brake light
  Reduces your chances of a crash because other drivers stay clear
3. To operate a moped you must have at least a _______ license.
  Class M1
  Class M2
  Class C
4. When the front tier goes flat while riding:
  Apply the rear brake and steer to the edge of the road
  Steer to the right and apply both breaks
  You will not be able to control the motorcycle
5. When carrying loads
  Keep the load low and as far forward as possible
  Keep the load to the rear of the motercycle
  Fasten the load against the frame on the back of the seat
6. Following Closely to a cehicle in front of you
  protects you in heavy traffic
  Helps you see hazards in the road
  Is a factor in crashes caused by motercyclists
7. Grabbing the front brake or jamming down on the rear brake:
  Can cause the brakes to lock.
  Is the best way to stop in an emergency.
  Is the best way to slow down when the streets are wet.
8. In slow, tight turns
  Lean the motorcycle only and keep your body straight
  Lean your body more than the motorcycle
  Do not lean
9. When swerving, it is important to:
  Always brake before swerving
  Swerve in the direction of the hazard
  Separate braking from swerving
10. When riding with a group of motorcyclists, a staggered formation:
  Is recommended at all times.
  Should not be used when entering or exiting a highway.
  Should be used when riding on curves.