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California Drivers License Practice Test 8 Class C

1. You should stop before crosing railroad tracks:
  Whenever a crossing is not controled by gates.
  Any time a train may be approaching, even if you cannot see it.
  If your vehicle has three or more axles.
2. At night, you should never drive at a speed which would prevent you from coming to a stop within the distance
  You can see in your headlights.
  Of 4 car lengths.
  Of 170 feet.
3. Which of these is true about signal persons at road construction sites
  Follow their instructions only if you see orange cones.
  Follow their instructions only if the road ahead is narrowed.
  Obey their instructions at all times.
4. This sign means:
  Railroad crossing is controlled- continue at your regular speed.
  Look, listen, and prepare to stop at the crossing, if necessary.
  Stop at the railroad tracks and wait for a signal before crossing.
5. It is illegal to park your vehicle:
  In an unmarked crosswalk.
  Within three feet of a private driveway.
  In a bicycle lane.
6. The handbook recommends signaling for at least _____ seconds before changing lanes on a freeway.
7. When you change lanes or merge with another lane, you:
  Have the right-of-way.
  Should first stop and check for cross traffic.
  Need at least a 4-second gap in traffic.
8. You are getting ready to make a right turn. You should:
  Always stop before making a right turn.
  Signal during the last 100 feet before you turn.
  Slow down and signal as you start your turn.
9. When a traffic signal light isn\'t working at an intersection, you should:
  Come to a complete stop, then proceed when it is safe.
  Stop before entering and let all other traffic go first.
  Slow down or stop, if necessary.
10. A peace officer stopped you because he suspects you are under the influence of alcohol. You refuse to take a chemical test. What happens now?
  Your driving privilege will be taken away.
  You will receive an additional fine.
  You will not be allowed to post bail.