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California Drivers License Practice Test 2 Class C

1. This sign means
  The road ahead has many curves.
  There is a sharp curve in the road ahead.
  The road ahead may be slippery.
2. You are driving on a city street and see an emergency vehicle behind you whith flashing lights. What should you do?
  Speed up to clear traffic
  Drive to the right edge of the road and stop
  Stay in your lane, but slow down
3. You should adjst your rearview and side mirrors:
  Before you get into the car.
  Before you start driving.
  Only when driving on a level surface.
4. You may cross a double, yellow line to pass another vehicle, if the yellow line next to:
  The other side of the road is a solid line.
  Your side of the road is a broken line.
  The other side of the road is a broken line.
5. At night, you should never drive at a speed which would prevent you from coming to a stop within the distance
  You can see in your headlights.
  Of 4 car lengths.
  Of 170 feet.
6. You should use your horn:
  If the driver in front of you does not immediately begin driving at a green light.
  To tell another driver he or she has made a mistake.
  To alert a driver who doesn\'t appear to see you and may try to turn in front of you.
7. Which of these statements is true about child passengers?
  Children 1 or older and over 20 ounds should ride in the front seat.
  Babies should not ride in the frount seat in vehicles with passenger-side airbags.
  The front seat is generally the safest place in the car for children 6 years of age an older.
8. Which of the following is true about large trucks?
  Trucks have fewer blind sopts due to the vehicle\'s height.
  It is best to pass trucks very slowly and on the right side.
  Trucks often appear to travel slower because of their large size.
9. When driving in fog, you should use your:
  Fog lights only.
  High beams.
  Low beams.
10. You are on a two-way road and the vehicle ahead of you is turning left into a driveway. You may legally pass the vehicle on the right:
  If there is enough road between the curb and the vehicle.
  Even if you must drive on the shoulder to do so.
  Even if you must cross a solid white line painted on the road.