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Florida Drivers License Practice Test 1

1. If you change your mailing address you must obtain a new license that shows the new address within
  10 days.
  15 days.
  30 days.
  45 days.
2. If you drive past the exit where you wanted to leave an interstate highway, you should
  Go on to the next exit.
  Wait until traffic is clear, then back up to your exit.
  Turn around and return to your exit.
  Drive across the median strip and return to your exit.
3. You are driving too slowly if you
  Block other vehicles moving at normal safe speeds.
  Drive at speeds less than 40 miles per hour on any highway.
  Do not pass other cars often.
  None of the above. You may drive as slowly as you wish.
4. When driving in the rain, fog or smoke in the daytime, and your visibility is reduced to 1,000 feet or less, you must
  Turn on your parking lights.
  Turn on your lower beam (dim) headlights.
  Turn on your upper beam (bright) headlights.
  Avoid using any lights at all.
5. It is unlawful and unsafe to overtake and pass
  On a hill or curve when the view is obstructed.
  Within 100 feet of a railroad crossing.
  Within 100 feet of any bridge when the view is obstructed.
  At all of the above places.
6. A double solid white center line on the highway means
  Reduce speed.
  Watch for men working.
  You are on a one-way street. Low flying aircraft.
  You are on a four-lane highway, and changing lanes is not permitted.
7. By law, if you drive in Florida, you have agreed to take a blood, urine, or breath test to determine if you are driving under the influence. The first time you refuse one of these tests, the penalty will be that your license will be
  Suspended for 6 months.
  Suspended for 1 year.
  Suspended for 18 months.
  Suspended for life.
8. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) may be proved by impairment of normal faculties or by an unlawful blood alcohol level of
  .05% or higher
  .08% or higher
  .15% or higher
  20% or higher
9. If you approach a red light and a traffic officer directs you to go through the intersection without stopping, you should
  Stop until the light turns green.
  Stop until the light changes to yellow.
  Stop, then drive on carefully.
  Go through the intersection without stopping.
10. When a school bus stops to unload children on a divided highway, vehicles traveling in the same direction as the bus must
  Slow down and proceed with caution.
  Keep the normal traffic speed.
  Stop, then proceed with caution.
  Stop until the stop signal on the bus is withdrawn.
11. This sign means
  One way street ahead
  Pass other cars on right or left
  You can not go straight ahead
  Narrow bridge
12. This sign means
  First aid station
  Railroad crossing
13. This sign means
  Sharp turn to the right
  Double curve, right then left
  Double curve, left then right
  Pavement ends
14. This sign means
  Traffic in left lane must turn left at the intersection ahead
  No left turn allowed
  Traffic in left lane may turn right if the way is clear
  None of the above
15. This sign means
  Side road
  Stay on right side of the roadway
  You may drive in left lane
  You have the right of way
16. This sign means
  No right turn
  Turn either right or left
  Travel only in the direction indicated by the arrow.
17. This sign means
  Flagger ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop.
  Stop only if other cars approaching.
  Yield right of way
  Soft shoulders
18. This sign means
  3 way intersection
  Stop if traffic approaching
  Railroad crossing
  No turns
19. This sign means
  Intersection ahead
  Cattle crossing
  Winding road
  Merging traffic
20. This sign means
  Right turn only
  No right turn
  Curve to right
  One way street