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General Knowledge Permit Test

1. If you purchase a vehicle from a private party:
  You should transfer vehicle within 5 days.
  You should transfer vehicle within 10 days.
  You should transfer vehicle within 30 days.
2. If you transfer or sell vehicle? Report to the DMV:
  within 5 days
  within 1 day
  within 10 days
3. For your first license or ID:
  a parent or guardian must verify your age
  a doctor or dentist may verify your age
  you must present an acceptable birth/legal presence document
4. Receiving a license in California is:
  your constituonal right as a citizen of the state
  a privilege given by the state of California
  Guaranteed as long as your parents co-sign the application
5. If you lose or damage your license:
  you must pay a fee to replace it
  you must take the written test to replace it
  both answers are correct
6. After you move, report your new address to the DMV within:
  20 days
  10 days
  5 days
7. Your license will always expire:
  on your birthday in the year shown on the license
  When your provisional restrictions expire
  In exactly 5 years
8. In our state, driver\'s licenses are valid for up to:
  4 years
  3 years
  5 years
9. When you change your address:
  You must take a written test
  You are not required to pay a fee to DMV
  You must pay a fee to DMV
10. If your license expires:
  You must drive immediately to DMV and take the renewal test
  You have 10 days to renew it
  You can\'t legally drive with it
11. If you change your name, you need a new license and:
  Written test is required by DMV
  No fee will be due for this action
  must pay a fee
12. A Non-commercial class B license is needed to:
  Tow a trailer with your car
  Drive a 40 foot motor home
  Transport hazardous materials
13. The license that lets you drive and tow most vehicles is a:
  Commercial Class A
  Commercial Class B
  Class C
14. With a Commercial Class C license, carrying hazardous materials:
  Must have special placards on vehicle
  Must have a hazmat endorsement
  Both of the above are correct
15. The Basic Class C license will not let you drive:
  A motor scooter
  A motor home
  A car towing a boat
16. If under 21, to drive a motorcycle, the law requires you to:
  have a Class C license
  pass the motorcycle skills test
  have a Class B license
17. A Class M license to drive motorcycle has:
  3 types of licenses
  2 types of licenses
  1 types of licenses
18. Law says that you have agreed, in advance, to be tested for alcohol in your blood:
  If a police officer suspects you may be under the influence.
  Whenever you have an accident.
  Whenever you receive a ticket.
19. Your application fee allows you up to:
  6 months to get your license
  12 months to get your license
  24 months to get your license
20. Your application fee:
  will be returned if you fail to get a license within 1 year
  will be returned if you get 100% on your test
  will be not returned to you