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Defensive Driving Courses - Do They Work


While nobody will argue that there are certain financial benefits in taking defensive driving courses there are those that argue about whether or not taking a defensive driving course will actually improve a person's driving.

For most beginners there's no doubt that taking a Teen Driving Course of any kind, whether at a driving school or even an online instruction course, will improve driving abilities. The question is whether or not seasoned drivers with ingrained driving habits can benefit from driving schools, defensive driving courses and drivers education.

There is probably no better preparation for the actual DMV test than drivers education courses combined with practical, hands-on experience. But for many, it will take court ordered driver improvement school courses to teach dangerous drivers to change their ways.

Even the threat of losing one's drivers license or the benefit of being able to reduce auto insurance rates is not enough to instill practical driving techniques in some people who see driving as a conflict between defensive and offensive tactics. It takes some people repeated trips through the system, repeated drivers ed courses and even losing their drivers license before they begin to change.

Whatever it takes, though, all of the rest of us are much better off after a bad driver with bad driving habits is forced to conform to the driving rules that the rest of us conform to simply as a matter of self-preservation. There is only defensive driving - offenses are for sporting teams and the like. The only offensive driving is done by people who drive so poorly, and with such a bad attitude that they become truly "offensive".

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