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Drivers Education Goes Online


For many of us Drivers Ed brings back memories of the Gym teacher showing horrible car accidents in a sweaty classroom. Learning to drive has always been a combination of classroom instruction and supervised behind the wheel practice. There is no replacement for behind the wheel driving practice but classroom drivers education is quickly being replaced by online drivers Ed classes.

Each state sets its own requirements for teens getting their first license. Some call it a learner permit others call it a provisional license, regardless of the name, the state determines the legal age to get your first drivers license and the drivers ed classes and practice you must complete. Florida and Georgia are two states that require new teen drivers go beyond basic drivers ed and allow the additional requirements to be completed online.

One major difference between the Florida and Georgia requirement is that Florida requires you complete additional driver education before you get your learner permit. Georgia requires that you complete a 30-hour course called Joshuas Law before you can graduate from your learner permit to your standard drivers license.

Florida Drivers Education

To get your learner permit as a teen in Florida you must be 15 years old and complete a 4-hour course that teaches you how drugs, alcohol, your mood, and overall physical condition can affect your ability to drive safely. The required drivers ed course can be completed all online and is called DATA (drugs, alcohol, traffic, awareness).

The DATA course is not a replacement for learning Florida traffic laws, understanding traffic signs and other general driver education. Once a new driver completes the DATA course they must then pass a 40-question Florida DMV test that addresses road signs and road rules. Both the DATA course and DMV test can be completed online.

Georgia Drivers Education

As of January 1, 2007, Georgia requires that all 16 year olds complete a 30 hour class before they can apply for their class D license. If you do not complete a Georgia DDS approved class then you must wait until you are 17 to get your license. The requirement called Joshuas Law was inspired by a tragic accident that took the life of Joshua Brown. The required 30 hours of driver education address such topics as driving on expressways, road rage, and using your eyes effectively.

Like the Florida DATA course, the Georgia Drivers education can be completed online. One of the major benefits of online classes is that students can complete the class on their schedule. Both the Florida and Georgia courses allow you to come and go.

The Internet Makes Drivers Ed Accessible

Online drivers ed classes make top quality information to anyone regardless of their location. So teens in remote or rural areas can complete the same classes available in larger metropolitan areas. There is no replacement for getting behind the wheel with mom or dad and practicing but additional education is already yielding positive results. Most important is for Parents to be ever vigilant reminding their teenage drivers that driving is serious business.

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Online drivers ed classes primarily for high school age teens but many adults getting their first drivers license complete driver education on the Internet.

Learning to drive in Florida goes beyond learning Florida traffic laws and memorizing traffic laws. It's important for teens to understand how mood, drugs, alcohol, and emotional state will affect your driving.

Georgia is the latest state (January 2007) to mandate drivers education that goes beyond learning to drive. Joshuas Law - now required for all 16 year old drivers in Georgia - covers difficult driving conditions and many other topics.

Biggest Risks to Teen Drivers

Teen drivers continue to have a dramatically higher risk of dying in a car accident than other age groups. While driver education helps nothing replaces parents that pay close attention.

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