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Five Busted Myths On DMV Exams Preparation


A. If you got the driving skills, no sweat you will pass the DMV test

It actually doesn't follow. Although you will have good chances in passing the actual driving test, but you will have to go through the permit test which is a paper-and-pencil test that requires memorization and theories about driving. Therefore, to pass the test one must have enough knowledge about the traffic rules in your state. After that, the next test will be a no-brainer for you.

B. Study the manual from cover to cover and you will pass the permit test

Probably yes but it will be dangerous if your time will be consumed in studying the 160-page DMV manual. Note that you have your regular routine to go about and studying the manual might ruin your daily schedule. To cut the slack off, it is best to search for a site that provide DMV practice test. These practice tests focus on the most relevant information that could actually come out in the permit test. To opt to this means will give you a head start on the DMV test.

C. If you fail on your first take, you will sure pass the next time

It would be a grave mistake to believe in such false beliefs. Remember that although you had a look at the test questions doesn't follow that you already got the correct answers. Note that there are a lot of choices, and getting it wrong doesn't give you the right answer. You should have to get back to the manual and reassess what went wrong. Also, the sample questions available in the manual could give you idea on what you will be dealing with in the actual test.

D. Practice tests are a waste of time and money

There are actually sites online that offers nothing but an answer sheet inked with nonsense & false information, obsolete data, etc. However, there are some that offers good practice tests that could help you get through the DMV permit test. That is why you should be careful about on which site you should sign up to. Note that reliable sites offer free sample tests. So, if you are not comfortable with their sample questions, then try other sites. You should also look into their website if their provide useful information about the DMV exams.

E. If you are a licensed driver, passing the DMV test on other states tends to be easy

Like the answer to the first myth, it's not all the time. Note that not all states have the same traffic rules, and that you might not recognize some other signs and symbols regardless of how skillful a driver you are. Apart from that, their standards could differ from one another scraping your possibility of passing the test.

As a tip in passing the DMV exams, first, you should study the manual seriously while noting the most important details available. Second, try to answer the DMV practice test based on what you have learned from the manual. Third, use the questions in the practice test as a pointer in studying the DMV manual. Lastly, take the test a number of times until you feel confident in taking the DMV permit test. Also, make sure that you have all the documents necessary to get a license with the correct information. Good luck!

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