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Passed my permit test!I just passed my test this morning. If you are prepared, you'll be perfectly fine. I can help you guys pass easily with my tips and my experience. Let's start. First of all, i've been reading my driver's manual. Definately do that. I found some questions offline and online. You can pay 5-10 dollars or even find it for free. You don't have to memorize everything. Important things are: speeding fines, violation fines, cort, restrictions, that was on my test today; distances, speed limits, signs, lines (yellow one). Underline notes, read it.

Use googling and stuff. Watch some videos. Don't believe that it's so easy. Take all your papers to the DMV, SSN, ID, 36 dollars. I had 25 minutes for 25 questions. It took me just 7 minutes. I was alone at the testing room. I had only 5 wrong. And.. Conratulations. I done it.

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