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Pass Your License Test - Know Your Vehicle


Being a good driver means proper control of your car. You need to know how to signal, wipe your windshield when it's raining, steer well, and just make sure your car is going the right direction without any threat to others. Some drivers, especially beginners, don't really know how to handle all these controls and switches - or even worse - come this way to the test.

Some students, when going for their driving test, rent a car especially for this day. There are not many things worse than that. When they come this way they often don't know how to turn on their headlights or use the parking brake. Since the car controls form a big part of the test, they often fail for not knowing their car. They may be excellent drivers normally, but not on the car they are being tested on.

Another symptom of the rent-for-test behavior is not knowing how much pressure to apply on the accelerator and brake pedals. This makes the car swing back and forth, and it gives the feeling of a first-time driver, even if the student practiced for a year.

A tiny yet very frustrating car control mistake some drivers make is not signaling. Very often this is regarded as a minor problem, and it only counts toward a certain number of errors you can make on the test. However, when a driver doesn't signal for the entire test, it becomes a serious issue and it often means one thing - another test.

Headlights can also become a major problem during the test. When it rains, somewhat dark, or required by law, you have to turn your headlights on. However, some examinees neglect that and drive with their headlights turned off. This is a serious hazard as other drivers can't see their car. When the examiner asks you to turn them on, the test is over.

Controlling the car well, like any other driving skill, requires your practice. You can read your car's manual, but for the road test you need a guide that will take you through every little switch you need to know to operate.

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