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Practice Permit Test - Your Key to Passing the DMV Learner's Permit Test on the First Try


Sample DMV driver permit test questions online. The written test for a DMV Learnerís Permit is basically the same as the test drivers take for an original or renewal driver license. If you are going to be driving on the same roads as experienced drivers you need to know the same rules and regulations they follow when driving. You can learn them by studying the DMV Driver Handbook published by your stateís Department of Motor Vehicles. They may also publish a Teen Driver Guide, or a Parent-Teen Teaching Guide. Some DMVís publish free practice tests online. But the best and easiest way to pass your test is to take a course from a licensed, qualified driver education school. Make sure the school is licensed by the state and that the course is taught by qualified instructors. Your state may require instructors to have special training in order to teach. And remember, a good driver doesnít necessarily make a good teacher. A good teacher is taught how to be a good teacher.

You must be aware that driving rules and regulations are not the same in all states. If you live in an area where the speed limit in a school zone is 25mph and you are caught driving that speed in a state where it is 15mph, then you are in trouble. Highway speeds are not the same in every state; nor are following distances. In one state the 2-second rule when following another vehicle may be recommended, while in another state a 3-second following distance may be required.

When you plan to drive in another state you should read that stateís DMV Driver Handbook to make sure you drive within their laws.

There are, however, basic rules and regulations that apply in every state: right-of-way laws, turn signal laws, use of headlights: where and when to use them, when to use high beams, when to use low beams; driving in the rain, snow or fog. Passing other vehicles, laws pertaining to solid and broken lines, school bus laws. And of course the same rules of courtesy apply everywhere.

Look at the list on the left side of this page to find your stateís driver license requirements. After you take your test please let me know if you passed and if you found my website to be helpful. Please also scan to me a copy of your test so that I may let others know what to expect when taking their test.

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