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Stop Sign Mistakes to Avoid for a Great DMV Driving Test


Stop signs are like a "breeding ground" for driving test mistakes. Since they require a good coordination and understanding of road conditions, many driving students get their score sheets marked on these intersections.

Limit lines are the biggest issue when it comes to stop signs. Many drivers, even those with a driver's license, don't know where to stop on a stop sign. On the driving test, some students stop behind the limit line. This is a minor error in some places, but a major in others. Also, many minor errors add up to one big re-test.

Some students don't even stop after the limit line at a stop sign intersection. They don't stop at all. They just "slide" through the intersection, hoping nobody will come. Others don't even slow down for the stop sign. This is of course a critical error and an immediate end to the test.

All way stop signs are very common in the United States, and they cause many problems to the driving studnets. These special intersections should be very easy for the students, but in reality they are a source of many test failures. When some drivers stop at the intersection, they don't know when is their turn to go. They wait until the intersection is completely empty before they enter instead of knowing when is their turn. If the examiner tells the student driver when to enter the intersection, the test is likely to be a failure.

Lack of confidence is also a test-killer when it comes to stop signs. When the driver is asked to turn left, he needs to look both ways, make sure it's clear, and go. Some students have trouble doing this simple maneuver. They wait forever until they are absolutely sure there is no car coming their way. But when they do enter, they already failed.

Stop signs can be very easy if practiced well. Any driver practicing for the driving test should get him/herself a good guide about the driving test and all required maneuvers.

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